Humanitarian aid products

Eco Water specializes in manufacturing small to medium sized mobile and stationary water purification units. Some of them are highly relevant and perfect for rural and of grid areas and are used in emergency situations where there might be no power solutions and bad water quality. All of our solutions guarantee safe and clean water for drinking, operation theatres etc. and several can be adapted to meet your requirements e.g. if viruses are an issue, we can modify a product and add a virus filter for where ultraclean water is needed. 

The units can be used in a vide variety of settings like; health stations, operation theatres, schools, offices, homes, for emergency teams, small off grid settlements etc. 

Eco Water has developed, produced and supplied water purification units to humanitarian aid organisations for several years e.g. UNHCR, British and Norwegisan Red Cross and WHO. 

For more information on the Products: Product catalogue. Please get in contact if you have any questions at or call +47 45426200.